Three months after harvest and half way through 2017 work here at Wildehurst Wines is only starting to slow down now.  Looking back at harvest 2017 it had its difficulties.  Simply due to the fact that all the vineyards were a little bit confused about ripening.  It was a common phenomenon this season to see bunches of varying ripeness on a single vine (ranging from green bunches to bunches that was almost over ripe) and grapes of varying ripeness on a single bunch (aka the hen and chicks).  This made the method of sampling for ripeness, accuracy of sampling and the picking date very important.


Picking crates galore!

            Picking crates galore

All the tough decisions aside, the harvest went quite smooth and none of the vineyards disappointed.  We had an amazingly dedicated and hardworking harvest team.  (Thank you very much Freek van Rooi and John Genis for all your hard work!)  Wildehurst took in and processed a record number of 24 tons of grapes!  Almost 6 tons more than what we processed in 2016.


Chenin Blanc was the white cultivar we processed the most of and Cinsaut the red.  You will be happy to learn that we produced more Methode Cap Classique and Velo Rose than last year.  This year was the first time the Velo Rose was not made up of a blend but rather 100% Cinsaut and in the winemaker’s opinion the best Velo Rose yet!


We had the opportunity to work with a beautiful new Mourvedre vineyard in the Swartland and we also had the pleasure of working with a few unique cultivars namely Tempranillo and Nebbiolo.  Looking forward to tasting the end products!


We found a tiny, 25-year-old, Merlot vineyard grown on an amazing slope on a nearby farm and could not resist taking in a ton.  At the moment the Merlot is peacefully resting in barrel and tasting amazing.

If you would like to know more of what we were up to here in Koringberg during harvest please leave a comment!


Until next time – Cheers!

The Paardeberg beauty

  The beauty of the Paardeberg during harvest!

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